Environmental Transportation for Haulers

Businesses that transport environmental contaminants in their daily operations face many pollution exposures. Whether transporting biomedical laboratory samples or large construction debris, ALTA’s transportation pollution product is designed to protect policyholders from bodily injury, property damage, clean-up expenses and other costs associated with the release of contaminants into the environment. Through our A.M. Best A- XI rated carrier, our coverage insures pollution liability associated with the insured’s operation of motor vehicles.

Target Classes:

  • Debris and Waste Removal (Nonhazardous)
  • Hazardous Material Transport and Disposal
  • Medical Waste Transportation
  • Contaminated Soil Transportation
  • Large Equipment Hauling
  • Crane and Rigging Operations
  • Construction and Demolition Waste

Available Coverage Endorsements:

  • Transportation at Jobsite Endorsement
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage
  • Misdelivery of Cargo Endorsement
  • Incidental Contingent Transportation Pollution Liability Coverage
  • Coverage can be on a blanket or scheduled basis

Environmental Transportation for Haulers Products of Interest

Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)

Our Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage is designed to protect insureds from damages caused by Pollution Conditions arising from the insured’s operations.

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Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)

Our Transportation Pollution Liability form is designed to insure pollution liability associated with environmental trucking and hauling risks.

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What to Know About Endorsements and Exclusions

In addition to writing the CGL and CPL lines, some contractors may have other exposures that can be addressed by adding endorsements. Learn more about available endorsements by clicking on our product pages.

Claims Scenario

A waste hauler was transporting hazardous construction debris to a non-owned disposal site when the vehicle was involved in a rollover accident. When the truck overturned the debris was scattered over the road and fell into a nearby creek. The spill was immediately reported, and further contamination was avoided with prompt remediation. The environmental impact of the hazardous material was covered under the transportation pollution liability policy.

Recent Success

In September 2022, a company in Nevada involved in the transportation and disposal of used waste oil approached ALTA to cover their potential pollution exposures. In the past, the insured had suffered an upset and overturn collision, spilling used motor oil onto a public roadway. The insured was liable for the cost of cleanup as business auto coverage did not cover the incident. ALTA provided a comprehensive pollution product for $5,000 that will protect the insured in case of an environmental accident in the future.

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